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Trimming & Pruning
Correcting, preventing, and beautifying

Comprehensive Approach

At San Jose Tree Services, we go beyond tree trimming by using a formative and comprehensive approach. Our certified arborists assess each tree and the pruning is specifically tailored to the needs of each tree. All trees vary, whether it’s with the tree’s growth habits, changes with the environment, and/or the location in which the tree or trees are planted.

Trimming with Intent

Tree trimming is performed with intent after our formative and comprehensive evaluation process has been completed. We focus on correcting or preventing structural defects, pruning to prevent limb failures, removing dead or diseased limbs, increasing overall health, improving air flow and light penetration throughout the canopy, directing growth toward or away from structures, maintaining a desired shape or height, power line clearing, improving fruit production, and/or increasing aesthetic appeal. Our customers have a wide variety of needs and we offer all the services to meet your tree related needs and keep you and your trees in good standing.

Knowledgeable and Professional

Our tree trimming services are always performed by knowledgeable professionals who have been trained in proper arboriculture techniques and standards, have a solid knowledge base of plant biology and growth habits, and with our certified arborists our customers can rest assure that they are in the best of hands. We use the national ANSI-a 300 standards as well as local city standards to guide our pruning performance, this means we take the guess work out of what is and isn’t allowed with tree maintenance at your home or commercial residence.

Certified Arborist

All work is either supervised or performed by an experienced certified arborist to ensure the highest quality of service is provided. Robert Apolinar is a third generation certified arborist and follows a long and cultivating family tradition of tree care and maintenance. As a true tree care professional his desire is to bring the knowledge and skill of three generations of arborists to every project. Let Robert and his team of tree care professions at San Jose Tree Services provide an artful eye, precision to pruning, and care to your landscape that no other can provide. Whether it be at your home or business, your landscape needs will be met with exceptional service and results.

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