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Planting & Transplanting
Have your tree last a lifetime

Plant It Right

Planting may seem like a simple task of putting a shrub or tree in the ground. Homeowners, other landscapers, and builders too often underestimate this simple task, “planting” and turn into an even larger problem if the job isn’t completed or done correctly as the plants and the landscape itself may be compromised. The initial planting process, whether of shrubs, trees or both, greatly affects the growing patterns and longevity of the specimens and can impact the aesthetics of the property.

Common mistakes with Planting and Transplanting:

  • Burying the root crown by planting too deep.
  • Not severing girdling roots at planting.
  • Planting hole is too small so roots are not able grow into new soil.
  • Improper soil amendment.
  • Severing too many roots during transplanting.
  • And many more. . .

Arborist Supervised

All of the planting and transplanting we perform is supervised by a trained arborist who ensures the proper procedure. At San Jose Tree Services we adhere to national standards for correct planting, by adhering to the standards of the International Society of Arboriculture, and local municipal standards, as they are relevant. We are able to plant all sizes of plants and trees with the care and attention needed to ensure the best growing opportunity for each specimen. Our goal is to keep plants, trees, and our clients happy.


Transplanting is the process of moving an already established plant to another location. This may sound like a simple process, but this is far from the case. Transplanting requires a careful process that should be overseen by a knowledgeable and experienced tree maintenance provider to ensure the success and health of the trees and plants in their new growing locations. Trees or plants as small as 1-24 inches in diameter can be successfully moved. And, even very large trees can be transplanted, provided that the proper conditions are maintained. Let our experts successfully take care of your entire tree transplanting needs.

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