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Plant Healthcare
Balance the enviroment

Properly Manage the Environment

Plant health care is the complete program to manage the health, structure and appearance of plants in the landscape. Our goal is to maintain the balance of desires and goals of the customer and needs of the plants within the environment they both share. Our Arborist staff is not only certified and educated but also experienced in successfully caring for the trees in the local bay area.

(IPM) Integrated Pest management:

This is the method of controlling plant pests by combining biological, cultural, mechanical, physical, and/or chemical means. In caring for San Jose's tree and landscape pests for many years and continuing our education on new pests and control methods we are able to assist in managing any pest or disease that may affect your plants and offer the best results.

Some Common pests we manage: Scales, thrips, psyllids, aphids, white flies, caterpillars, mites, sawflies, borers, ants, spiders.

Common diseases: Armilleria, phytophthora, fire blight, anthracnose, galls, cankers, conks, mistletoe, sudden oak death, powdery mildew, rust, leaf spot,Using a variety of methods we are able to treat these common plant pests and diseases using the most efficient and environmentally friendly approach. We also offer organic solutions.

Our application methods: Canopy Spraying, soil injection, soil drench, trunk injection, and basal spray.

Fertilizing: The process of adding any organic or inorganic material of natural or synthetic origin to a soil to supply certain elements essential to the growth of plants.Trees at times will need application of nutrients to the soil to assist in health and growth. This is often due to loss of organic materials during construction, installation of hardscapes near trees, restricted root growth area, and root damage. Our team evaluates your tree or plants, and soil to determine the correct nutrient deficiency in order to apply nutrients at the appropriate rate and at the appropriate time. We use the finest blend of nutrients in our applications to ensure that your trees and plants will return and stay at a healthy state.

Drought management:

Trees can exhibit many signs when they are experiencing drought stress. Such as leaf wilting. Trees do this as a defense mechanism to store water and retain moisture, but they cannot live like this very long. To long of a period will cause limbs to die back and the wood to dry out. It is important to have an Arborist inspect the tree and determine the appropriate action to take in correcting the problem.

Our services for drought management include:

  • Mechanical watering through soil injection: this provides trees with the water they need right at the proper depth. The trees will take this up more quickly and it is a more efficient use of water.
  • Irrigation system installation: we can install entire irrigation systems in order to properly water your trees or plants and set up timing applications to apply the correct rate of water.We also convert sprinkler systems to drip or bubblers to provide more efficient water application.
  • Mulching: adding mulch to the root zone of the tree or plants assists in moisture retention and as it decomposes it provides nutrients to the soil.Aerating: roots can be restricted from absorbing water by compacted soil. We carefully provide needed pore space to the soil by breaking up the compacted layer with air blowing equipment so that the roots are not damaged, and then adding rich organic mix to the root zone. This allows the water to reach the roots more efficiently.
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