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Land Clearing
Make your land clean and beautiful

Land clearing services are available to meet a variety of client needs. At San Jose Tree Services we offer the following services to meet any of the diverse land clearing needs a client may need: removal of weeds, brush, vines, trees, or debris. We also offer major debris removal to clear the way for construction or to simply clean the lot. We can handle lots sizes ranging from 400 square feet to 400 acres or more. This process may either require large and heavy machinery, or manual labor with power equipment assisting.


Yard clean ups are a smaller scaled version of our land clearing services. Smaller scaled jobs like yard clean up are advisable for homes which have a neglected or overgrown landscape. We offer services that include pruning, complete removal, just weed and leaf removal, or some combination of these elements. With our knowledge of and experience with plants, trees, and shrubs we can assist each client in selecting the specimens worth keeping, and understanding the potential for a new landscape. 

Planning Services

We also provide recommendations and consultations for landscape planning and tree preservation. In most cases of either land clearing or yard clean up, the presence of an arborist is especially helpful. Given our knowledge of proper tree care and management, we are able to provide these services in expert fashion to preserve the health and structure of your trees and to maximize the beauty of your landscape.

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