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Spraying & Maintenance
Keep your trees alive and healthy


Frequently, trees in urban landscapes (and sometimes in the wild) acquire pests or diseases that can damage and even kill the most vital and healthy of trees. Such problems can be managed with organic chemicals, artificial chemicals, natural enemies, and environmental changes depending upon the needs of the trees and the intention of a given client. Prior to determining a corrective procedure, a specific disease, fungus, pest, or set of symptoms is identified.


Once the problem has been identified, the most successful treatment will be recommended. Our goal is to allow minimal risk to the environment and optimal results for each tree.


Organic, natural, and conventional chemicals can either be applied to the trunk or sprayed onto all of the foliage. In certain cases we may elect to inject the soil or pour around the base of a tree trunk so that the roots can absorb the product into the vascular system for better absorption. In rare cases, we can even inject the trunk directly. These procedures are either done manually or with high-pressured spray equipment with each approach carefully considered by an arborist who visits each site. The arborist and the client will discuss and create the plan together before any treatment is provided. This ensures that the utmost in quality, care, and satisfaction are met for each and every client.

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